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  • Ahmed Saleh

Fourth Arab Education Conference starts in Jeddah with global participation

Jeddah, January 27, 2024, The Radisson Blu Hotel in Jeddah set the stage today for the commencement of the Fourth International Conference on Education in the Arab World: Problems and Solutions. The event witnessed active participation from a multitude of academics, researchers, and graduate students hailing from the Kingdom, the GCC countries, and various Arab nations.

The primary objective of the conference is to critically evaluate contemporary scientific and educational initiatives, with a focus on elevating the quality of research, developing and refining modern curricula, implementing intelligent teaching strategies, providing effective student guidance, exploring educational technology, and honing assessment and evaluation practices in education.

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Mohammad Al-Zahrani, the Chairman of the Conference and the General Supervisor of the Knowledge Enrichment Center, underscored the significance of scientific conferences in fostering the exchange of knowledge and innovation within scientific fields. He highlighted that the event serves as a valuable platform for researchers to present their latest findings, engage in scientific dialogues, and establish connections with colleagues in the field.

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