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  • Ahmed Saleh

From December 8 to 15, Prophet’s Mosque hosted 5.1 million worshippers

Madinah, December 17, 2023, From December 8 to 15, the Prophet’s Mosque witnessed a substantial influx of worshippers, with a staggering 5,119,000 individuals converging at the sacred site. The meticulous organization and facilitation of these religious gatherings were orchestrated by the General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Prophet's Mosque.

Among the multitude, 501,938 visitors were graciously escorted to the revered resting place of Prophet Mohammed, while an additional 235,341 worshippers partook in prayers at the hallowed Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah.

The authority's commitment to inclusivity was evident, as 15,295 people, including the elderly and those with special needs, were provided designated spaces for their convenience. A global congregation was served through translation services in various languages, benefitting 87,446 individuals of diverse nationalities. Further enriching the experience, 13,584 individuals delved into the mosque's extensive library, while 4,783 explored exhibitions and museums. Communication needs were met for 8,638 people through phone services and other channels.

Acknowledging the physical and spiritual needs of the worshippers, the authority distributed an impressive 111,600 bottles of Zamzam water, ensuring hydration amidst the sacred atmosphere. Additionally, 92,992 Iftar meals were provided, fostering a sense of communal sustenance. Expressing generosity, 42,125 gifts were distributed to worshippers and visitors, enhancing the overall spiritual experience and fostering a sense of community within the sacred precincts. The meticulous attention to the welfare and diverse needs of the attendees reflects the authority's dedication to facilitating a harmonious and enriching pilgrimage experience at the Prophet's Mosque.

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