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  • Ahmed Saleh

"Fuel" initiative launched, providing future profession training

Riyadh, August 29, 2023, The "Fuel" initiative, which will offer training on skills for professions of the future, has been launched, according to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the international online learning platform Coursera, in collaboration with the National eLearning Center. 100,000 Saudi citizens will participate in the program, and during the course of the first year, they will receive training to help them build the skills and credentials needed for the job market and career advancement. The Saudi Digital Academy, a project of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology that strives to empower youngsters and provide them the skills they need for the Kingdom's digital economy, will carry out the program. According to Saudi Vision 2030, the program intends to improve digital skills across the Kingdom, increase employment possibilities for national cadres, and reinforce the Kingdom's role as a backer of innovative talent and as a cutting-edge center for partnerships. Through more than 40 educational tracks coordinated in eight occupational areas and more than 200 training courses, the strategic alliance will aim to serve Saudi men and women, including job seekers, graduates, and ambitious cadres looking to upgrade their technological abilities. The initiative will also strive to connect Saudi talent with potential employers while equipping participants with the skills they need to enter the workforce and advance the digital economy and digital transformation. Mohammed Al-Suhaim, CEO of the Saudi Digital Academy, emphasized that the partnership is in line with the ministry's desire to enhance Saudi citizens' digital literacy and explained that the academy's "Fuel" program is in line with its objectives to give youth the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the digital age.

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