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  • Ahmed Saleh

GAFT launches workshops for Saudi exporters on global market procedures

Riyadh, February 1, 2024, The General Authority of Foreign Trade (GAFT) has inaugurated a series of periodic workshops designed to assist Saudi exporters in comprehending the intricacies of exporting Saudi products to global markets. Termed as 'Through the Attachés,' these workshops are organized by the Deputyship of Private Sector Affairs and Global Presence. The primary objectives include enlightening exporters about their target markets, offering insights into crucial agreements facilitating product availability and encouraging investments, as well as advocating for the active participation of factories in international exhibitions hosted in the countries earmarked for product exports.

Fawaz bin Saad bin Rafiah, the Acting Deputy Governor of GAFT, elucidated that these gatherings are pivotal in easing Saudi exporters' entry into diverse global markets. He emphasized that the workshops furnish exporters with vital information such as a curated list of key importers in the targeted nations, details about the exhibition program in the host country, and guidelines on how to access and actively participate in these events. Additionally, the workshops provide contact details of commercial attachés across the globe, serving as valuable connections for exporters and aiding in the resolution of any potential obstacles.

In order to avail themselves of these insightful workshops and meetings conducted 'Through Attachés,' GAFT has outlined communication channels. Interested parties can submit their requests via email at [email protected], streamlining the process for exporters to benefit from this valuable resource.

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