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  • Ahmed Saleh

Gaza residents express gratitude to Saudi Arabia for swift relief aid

Gaza, January 11, 2024, In a heartfelt display of gratitude, numerous individuals in the Gaza Strip have extended their thanks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its swift and substantial relief aid, providing much-needed assistance amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis. The palpable appreciation stems from the generous contributions made by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief), which have significantly alleviated the suffering of those grappling with the aftermath of the protracted crisis.

One Palestinian woman, whose family directly benefited from the aid extended by Saudi Arabia, expressed deep appreciation towards the Kingdom and its compassionate citizens for their benevolence. The aid package, comprising tents, shelter materials, medical supplies, and essential food baskets, has played a pivotal role in meeting the fundamental needs of her family.

Another individual, bearing the brunt of Israeli bombings that destroyed homes and lands, attested to the tangible relief brought about by the assistance provided by KSrelief. The aid has emerged as a lifeline for those grappling with the aftermath of such devastating events.

Residents in displacement camps echoed their gratitude, particularly praising the comprehensive and high-quality food baskets distributed by KSrelief. For many, this support has been a crucial factor in sustaining them during trying times.

Remarkably, one Gaza resident emphasized that the aid received from Saudi Arabia stood as the sole assistance they had received, underscoring the impactful role played by the Kingdom in addressing the pressing needs of the affected population.

KSrelief's commitment to addressing the crisis has been evident in the establishment of air and sea bridges, facilitating the delivery of relief aid to Gaza. The center has successfully dispatched 5,112 tons of aid through these channels, including 38 relief planes carrying essential items like food baskets and medical supplies. Simultaneously, five ships laden with medical supplies, food, and relief materials have been deployed to support both the populace and the medical infrastructure.

Moreover, the Saudi national campaign to support the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip has garnered donations exceeding 500 million Saudi Riyals, further highlighting the collective efforts to provide substantial assistance. This aid, disbursed under the auspices of Saudi Arabia's humanitarian arm, KSrelief, epitomizes the Kingdom's enduring commitment to standing by the Palestinians during times of crisis, showcasing its historical role as a stalwart ally in the face of adversity.

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