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  • Sheryll Mericido

GCC and ASEAN expressed concerns over recent Middle East developments

Riyadh, October 20, 2023, The GCC and ASEAN, at the GCC-ASEAN Summit on October 20, 2023, expressed their deep concerns about recent developments in the Middle East. They jointly:

1. Strongly condemn attacks on civilians and call for an enduring ceasefire, emphasizing the need for unhindered humanitarian access, restoration of vital services, and the delivery of essential supplies to Gaza.

2. Call upon all conflict parties to protect civilians, adhere to international humanitarian law, particularly the Geneva Convention, and avoid targeting non-combatants.

3. Advocate for the immediate and unconditional release of civilian hostages, with special focus on vulnerable groups.

4. Encourage all involved parties to pursue a peaceful resolution in line with international law and relevant UN Security Council resolutions, seeking a two-state solution based on pre-1967 borders.

5. Extend their support to the peace process revival initiative led by Saudi Arabia, the European Union, and the League of Arab States, working alongside Egypt and Jordan, to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict according to international law and UN resolutions.

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