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  • Ahmed Saleh

Jassim Albudaiwi condemns provocation targeting Muslims in GCC statement.

Riyadh, Jul 21, 2023, In a powerful statement, Jassim Mohammed Albudaiwi, the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for Arab States, has vehemently condemned and denounced the ongoing acts of provocation targeting Muslims. Today, another distressing incident unfolded in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, where yet another copy of the revered Noble Qur'an was desecrated. In a passionate statement, the individual emphasized the deeply troubling nature of these deplorable and condemnable actions, which have undoubtedly stirred emotions among Muslims globally. Urging swift and decisive measures, they called upon the Swedish authorities to address these behaviors effectively and ensure that extremists are held responsible for their actions. The speaker underscored that such abhorrent acts, characterized by their malicious intent and incitement, stand in stark contrast to the values of tolerance and religious freedom. These incidents serve as a clear manifestation of the presence of hatred, animosity, and extremism. In a recent statement, Albudaiwi highlighted the emergency session of the United Nations Human Rights Council held last week and the subsequent decision to denounce acts of religious hatred. Notably, the condemnation also encompassed the recent incident involving the burning of the Holy Qur’an in Sweden. Albudaiwi emphasized the urgent need to take action, urging countries and international organizations to unite and mobilize efforts in order to prevent such irresponsible acts. It is imperative, Albudaiwi stressed, to address these incidents through legal channels in accordance with international laws, treaties, and norms that safeguard and uphold religious beliefs.

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