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  • Ahmed Saleh

GCC Secretary General meets EU migration official in Brussels

Brussels, March 19, 2024, In Brussels today, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Secretary General Jasem Mohamed Albudaiwi convened with Beate Gminder, Deputy Director-General of the European Commission Directorate for Migration and Home Affairs. Their meeting encompassed a wide array of topics, including the ongoing Schengen visa exemption process for citizens of GCC countries, collaboration mechanisms between the GCC and the European Union (EU) concerning migration and development, and joint efforts aimed at advancing common objectives in these domains.

Gminder commended the proactive endeavors of GCC nations in bolstering cooperation with the EU across various sectors, particularly highlighting collaborative initiatives in counterterrorism efforts. She emphasized the steadfast commitment of GCC countries to engaging with their European counterparts, underlining the importance of joint workshops and dialogue sessions aimed at combating and eradicating terrorism.

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