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Geely has introduced a new app

Everyone pushes oneself to the very maximum in our fast-paced world, in order to accomplish their objectives. Everything must be finished in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, Geely has created a new app that allows you to access Geely's services, most recent releases, and deals through its dealer in KSA, „Walan Trading Company". Geely is aware of what a modern driver requires.

A Tour in Geely’s App

What Characteristics define a quality app? Although the answers to this question may differ greatly, Geely's new app for Saudi clients offers these features among others, including an appealing UI design, simplicity, and data confidentiality.

Which Features can users of the Geely-App access?

  • Examine various Geely vehicles and contrast the Features and Costs of each one.

  • Inquire about prices for the available Car Models.

  • Driving test request

  • For 24 hours following payment, the „my account" section's „Report an Error" option is available.

  • Make a purchase using a quick and safe payment channel.

  • Protect user privacy and data security in Saudi Arabia.

  • Give a Car as a Gift.

What forms of payment are available in the Geely app?

  • Payment in full: The buyer will make all necessary payments at once.

  • Split payment: The buyer makes a down payment to reserve the vehicle. The following payment methods (Mada, Visa, MasterCard, and SADAD) must be used to pay the outstanding sum within a week.

  • Finance options: Pick one of the auto financing plans provided by Saudi Arabia's Leading Banks.

  • Make a payment extension request. The buyer may only request one additional payment date in the event of a split payment.

What benefits does Geely's App provide the Customer?

  • Free window tinting

  • Roadside help for any urgent problems

  • Receive special savings by choosing the full payment option.

Where can I find the Geely App?

Using the links from the Geely Saudi website or by searching in the app store on your device, you may download the Geely app for free from the most well-known app shops, such as Google Play, the App Store, and the App Gallery.

Whether you choose to see the application or visit Geely Exhibitions on the ground throughout the Kingdom, Geely can only provide the greatest releases that earn favorable comments from customers every day throughout the world. You can use the Comparison Tool to compare the Geely model you pick to those from other manufacturers.

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