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  • Ahmed Saleh

Chairman Turki Al-Sheikh unveils new identity for Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day

Riyadh, August 03, 2023, In a momentous event today, Advisor Turki Al-Sheikh, the esteemed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority, unveiled the highly anticipated new identity for Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day. This momentous occasion, celebrated annually on September 23rd, carries the inspiring theme of "We dream and achieve."

The inspiration behind National Day 93 stems from the ambitious goals that Saudi Arabia has set for itself, which are now becoming a tangible reality. These aspirations are reflected in the grand projects that have been pledged as part of Vision 2030. Saudi Arabia's influence and position as a crucial participant in both local and global economic output have experienced significant growth.

The logo draws inspiration from the artistic vision of a dreamer, resembling the strokes of a painter's brush. It skillfully outlines the borders of Saudi Arabia, symbolizing a resolute and unwavering commitment to pursuing dreams with unwavering determination. Dreams, those ethereal aspirations that reside within the depths of our minds, hold the power to shape our future. They serve as the blueprint upon which dreamers construct their goals, paving the way for resolute strides towards their realization. The logo's color scheme draws inspiration from the vibrant green hues that symbolize the nation's natural landscapes and the Kingdom's lush terrain.

In a recent development, the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) has made a formal request to both public and private entities. The request pertains to the utilization of the Saudi National Day 93 Identity, a symbolic representation of the nation's 93rd anniversary. To ensure compliance, entities are urged to adhere to the guidelines outlined on the official website:

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