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Genesis Middle East and Africa debuts electric vehicle lineup

For the first time ever in the Middle East and Africa, Genesis Middle East and Africa showcased its lineup of electric vehicle models yesterday. The brand's entry into electrification in the area with this launch signifies the continuation of their excellent journey. The lavish premiere, which was appropriately held in Al Ula, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, featured all three EV models and set a new benchmark for the area's high-end electric cars. The electrified GV70, GV60, and G80 were all revealed at the event.

Mike Song, Head of Genesis Brand, commented on the successful launch by saying, "As part of our commitment to the customers in the GCC, we intend to enrich their experience with Genesis by introducing three EV vehicles to the region. We support electrification because we're dedicated to improving our clients' lifestyles through electrifying experiences so they can concentrate on new possibilities.

Head of Genesis Middle East and Africa, Omar Al-Zubaidi, stated, "We are excited to start the next chapter of our successful journey in the Middle East. The Genesis EV models introduce cutting-edge technologies to provide an upscale lifestyle.

The Genesis EV models will transform the brand's course and improve the lives of its customers. The models' architecture combines bold technologies with breathtaking designs to deliver authentic, minute-by-minute experiences.

Electrified Genesis G80

With its high levels of performance and technology, the Electrified G80, which builds on the legacy of its predecessor and embodies the ideal mix of athletic elegance, presents a daring approach for luxury electric sedans. The exterior features a front charging door that is disguised and an aerodynamic crest grille that conforms to the distinctive G-Matrix layout. The seats use Nappa leather that has been colored with natural dyes and focuses on sustainable luxury. Additional fittings have eco-friendly forged wood trim.

The 400V/800V multi-rapid charging system of the Electrified G80 may be utilized with a variety of charging infrastructures. Additionally, it has a V2L capability that enables users to use 3.6 kW of electricity outside of the vehicle.

The GV70 from Genesis Electric

The Electrified GV70 builds on the legacy of the GV70, retaining the roomy interior of its predecessor while introducing great performance and a variety of brand-new innovations made specifically for electric cars.

The front fascia, which is visible from the outside, demonstrates meticulous attention to aerodynamic effectiveness and utility. Similar to the Electrified G80, the distinctive Crest Grille from Genesis has changed into an aerodynamic crest that features a secret EV charging port and displays an inverted G-Matrix pattern.

A driver-focused interior features an intuitive and engaging driving experience. The Electrified GV70 gives consumers the chance to create their own narrative with an interior that symbolizes the sustainable goals of the electric car and Genesis' dedication to long-term sustainability. The "Beauty of White Space" concept served as inspiration for its interior design.

In Boost Mode, this high-performance vehicle can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds, displaying outstanding acceleration.

The first Genesis model to include the SUV-specific e-Terrain Mode, which guarantees a stable driving experience in varied settings, is the Electrified GV70.

Genesis's GV60

The GV60, a coupe crossover utility vehicle (CUV) with a sporty and svelte design developed on the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), represents the brand's transition to electricity.

The Clamshell Hood of the GV60 is a single panel that unites the hood and fenders to give the vehicle a streamlined appearance. It also has a brand-new wing insignia on the hood embellished with the Guilloché design typical of expensive timepieces.

The interior embodies Genesis' design philosophy of the "Beauty of White Space" and aims to be open and inviting. One of the GV60's most intriguing design features is the crystal sphere. It serves as both a visual and an emotional component of the interior design, fostering a bond between the driver and the car.

The GV60 is outfitted with cutting-edge technologies in addition to such sophisticated design elements to offer a distinctive EV experience that ties the driver to the vehicle.

Face Connect is a function that enables the automobile to lock or unlock its doors without a key by recognizing the driver's face. Drivers just need to register their faces with the camera on the B-pillar by touching the door handle. Face Connect modifies parameters to make it appear as though the car has recognized the driver, depending on the personalized settings made by the driver.

Drivers may now start and operate the GV60 without a key thanks to its fingerprint authentication system. Both technologies working together will give drivers a novel driving experience that relies solely on their biometric data.

The GV60 also has a Drift Mode for drivers seeking a more exciting driving experience. By balancing the distribution of driving force and the braking system, it offers athletic driving. Additionally, the GV60 has a Boost Mode that gives it a more opulent and dynamic quality. The mode immediately boosts the vehicle's maximum output performance, adding dynamic performance to the driving experience.

Additionally, the fake gear shift (VGS) feature gives drivers the impression that they are operating an ICE vehicle by adjusting the torque of the motors and producing a fake engine sound simultaneously. The virtual shift stage and RPM are also expressed by the cluster to provide a more realistic driving experience.

The model's motorized door handles and computerized side mirrors further emphasize its cutting-edge appearance. When the motorist approaches the vehicle with their smart key, the handles automatically raise.

It has a 400/800V multi-fast charging system, Disconnector Actuator System (DAS), Preview Electronic Control Suspension (Pre-view ECS), Road Active Noise Control (ANC-R), and a V2L (Vehicle to Load) function.

To ensure the safety of passengers in the case of an accident, a total of eight airbags—including the center side airbags in the front seats—have been given as standard choices.

The finesse of the engine and cutting-edge technology will pave the path for drivers and passengers to engage with their surroundings in novel and exciting ways, given the significance of the future of the EV era.

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