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  • Ahmed Saleh

Global anti-drug collaboration: Major General meets Tajikistan's Criminal Investigation officials

Riyadh, January 24, 2024, In a significant move towards bolstering global efforts against drug crimes, Major General Muhammad bin Saeed Al-Qarni, the Director General of Narcotics Control, convened with Lieutenant General Sayyidzadeh Abdulfattah and his accompanying delegation from the Tajikistan Criminal Investigation Department. The meeting, held at the Riyadh headquarters of the directorate on a Tuesday, aimed to explore avenues for heightened cooperation in the battle against drug-related offenses.

The discussions between the top officials centered around various strategies to enhance collaborative efforts in combating drug crimes. Integral to their talks were considerations for fostering training exchanges and sharing operational and technical expertise. The primary focus was on fortifying measures to counteract the smuggling of illicit substances.

The engagement between the Saudi and Tajik authorities underscores the importance of international partnerships in addressing the complex challenges posed by drug trafficking. By pooling resources, knowledge, and capabilities, the two nations aim to create a more robust framework for effectively tackling the ever-evolving landscape of narcotics-related criminal activities.

As both countries recognize the need for a comprehensive approach, the meeting signifies a commitment to joint initiatives that go beyond national borders. By fostering a united front against drug smuggling, Saudi Arabia and Tajikistan are taking strides towards creating a safer and more secure global environment, where collaborative endeavors serve as a potent force against the menace of drug crimes.

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