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  • Ahmed Saleh

GM launches OnStar Connected Services for enhanced in-vehicle technology in Saudi Arabia

In its commitment to delivering advanced connectivity, safety, and entertainment solutions, General Motors (GM) has introduced its innovative in-vehicle technology, OnStar Connected Services, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This launch marks a significant stride in providing a comprehensive range of convenience and connectivity across Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles, setting a new standard for GM customers.

Aligned with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, aiming at modernization and leveraging innovative technology, the launch also aligns with the nation's focus on enhancing digital landscapes and connectivity within mobility. OnStar Connected Services not only offers elevated safety and security services but also contributes to GM's vision of an Electric, Connected, and Autonomous future.

OnStar sets itself apart with features like remote commands, vehicle status checks, on-demand diagnostics, connected navigation, and 24/7 support through its 'Connect' plan. The 'Protect' plan ensures safety with services like Automatic Crash Response, aiding in emergencies, accident detection, vehicle theft prevention, and key tracking for added peace of mind.

The collaborative efforts with the CST and stc have facilitated the introduction of OnStar Connected Services in Saudi Arabia. The launch is a testament to the commitment to advancing solutions that enhance value and convenience for consumers and road users. The partnership with stc strengthens GM's growth strategy, aligning with the national vision for digital infrastructure expansion.

Owners of OnStar-equipped vehicles can activate OnStar Connected Services in the Kingdom through the OnStar Blue Button or by contacting their dealership. GM owners can enjoy free Standard Connectivity for 10 years, unlocking benefits such as Diagnostic Alerts, Monthly Diagnostic Reports, Dealer Maintenance notifications, Smart Driver, and Vehicle Software Updates Over-the-air. Subscription plans for Connect or Protect are available, offering personalized and enhanced ownership experiences. With a regional contact center, OnStar Advisors are available 24/7, providing support in both English and Arabic. OnStar remains committed to developing connectivity, entertainment, and safety offerings to enhance member experiences.

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