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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ha'il, Saudi oasis city with abundant wells, springs, and sandstone mountains

Ha'il, January 15, 2024, The city of Ha'il, located in the northern region of Saudi Arabia, is renowned for being a city oasis, adorned with plentiful water wells, natural springs scattered throughout the area, and impressive sandstone mountains.

One of the city's notable attractions is the Sababah oasis, positioned at an elevation exceeding 1200 meters. This oasis showcases palm trees, Acacia trees, small reefs, and a diverse array of wild plants and bird species.

Nestled in the peaks of the Aja Mountains, this oasis serves as a popular destination for tourists, visitors, and hiking enthusiasts coming from various regions of the Kingdom and beyond. It offers them a captivating view of the city's unique natural beauty, with a picturesque landscape that takes one's breath away.

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