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Hamed bin Mohammed Fayez launched the first Saudi Film Confex

Riyadh, October 02, 2023, The Deputy Minister of Culture, Hamed bin Mohammed Fayez, officially inaugurated the inaugural edition of the Saudi Film Confex at the Riyadh Front EXPO. The event, held under the patronage of Minister of Culture and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Film Commission, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, attracted a distinguished gathering of Arab and international filmmakers, as well as numerous national, regional, and international directors and industry experts.

In his opening speech, Fayez emphasized the pivotal role of art and culture as integral components of Saudi society, aligning with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. He highlighted the Ministry of Culture and the Saudi Film Commission's concerted efforts to foster a promising future for the film and arts sector. Fayez praised the rapid transformation of the film industry, with Saudi films gaining prominence on the global cultural stage.

The Deputy Minister affirmed the Ministry of Culture's commitment to nurturing filmmaking by establishing specialized forums like the Saudi Film Confex. These platforms facilitate knowledge exchange and communication among artists, local creators, and international filmmakers. Fayez underscored the influential role of cinema and films in effecting positive change and disseminating Saudi culture worldwide.

The "Saudi Film Confex" serves as a vital platform uniting stakeholders to advance and promote filmmaking. It aims to underscore the sector's significance within the national economy and investment landscape. The event encompasses three primary themes: industry trends, global best practices, and the challenges and opportunities in filmmaking. Over 100 experts and international figures from the filmmaking realm participate in this initiative.

With 50 speakers, including executives, investors, and specialists from across the globe, the event provides a comprehensive exploration of the latest topics and technologies that support the film industry. Workshops, training sessions, and showcases of cinematic products, projects, and innovations further enrich the program, offering insights into filmmaking in the Kingdom and on a global scale.

The Saudi Film Commission's diligent efforts have led to the establishment of the "Saudi Film Confex." This endeavor aims to underscore the burgeoning economic role of filmmaking in the Kingdom. It seeks to attract leading filmmakers and global producers, promoting knowledge exchange and collaboration with Saudi counterparts.

The Saudi Film Commission remains steadfast in its commitment to the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. It strives to position culture as a catalyst for national economic growth by fostering the development of the Kingdom's film industry and increasing its presence on the international film stage.

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