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  • Ahmed Saleh

Harvard researchers create rapid-charging solid-state battery in 10 minutes

Harvard University's research team has achieved a significant breakthrough in battery technology by developing an advanced solid-state battery that can rapidly charge in just 10 minutes. The new solid-state lithium battery can be charged and discharged at least 6,000 times, surpassing the capabilities of other pouch battery cells. This development, published in Nature Materials, focuses on creating solid-state batteries with a lithium metal anode.

Anodes are crucial components that facilitate movement from the negative electrode to the positive electrode (cathode) during the battery discharge process. The lithium metal anode batteries developed by Harvard University offer ten times the capacity of commercial graphite anodes, potentially enhancing the driving distance of electric vehicles.

Xin Li, Associate Professor of Materials Science at SEAS and senior author of the research paper, highlighted the significance of lithium metal anode batteries, considering them the "holy grail of batteries." The research represents a crucial step toward practical and efficient solid-state batteries for industrial and commercial applications.

The researchers designed a postage stamp-sized pouch cell version of the battery, which is 10 to 20 times larger than the coin cell typically produced in university labs. The solid-state battery maintained 80% of its full capacity after 6,000 cycles, surpassing the performance of other pouch cell batteries in the market.

The technology developed at Harvard has been licensed to Adden Energy, a spin-off from Harvard cofounded by Associate Professor Xin Li and three Harvard alumni. Adden Energy is actively working on expanding and advancing this technology to create a solid-state battery with the dimensions of a smartphone. This breakthrough holds great promise for the future of electric vehicles and portable electronic devices, contributing to a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

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