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  • Ahmed Saleh

Health Minister Al-Jalajel receives Guinness record for diabetes awareness gathering

Riyadh, January 06, 2024, Health Minister Fahd bin Abdurrahman Al-Jalajel proudly accepted the Guinness World Records certificate, recognizing the Diabeter Center in Al-Ahsa for orchestrating the largest simultaneous human gathering dedicated to diabetes awareness and education. The event attracted an impressive 752 participants, showcasing a collective commitment to raising awareness about Type 1 diabetes.

Commending the efforts of the Al-Ahsa Health Cluster, Minister Al-Jalajel emphasized its vital role in supporting the ministry's overarching strategy. This strategy aims to curtail the prevalence of chronic diseases, provide effective treatments, and minimize associated complications. The minister underscored the ministry's unwavering dedication to monitoring chronic diseases, striving to reduce their rates, disabilities, and fatalities, with an ultimate goal of enhancing the overall quality of healthcare services.

The Al-Ahsa Health Cluster's implementation of the Chronic Disease Control Program has marked a groundbreaking shift in disease management. Key initiatives include the introduction of the Health Coach program, Case Coordinator, and the utilization of patient monitoring applications. The comprehensive training of 123 specialized medical team members has significantly contributed to the success of these programs.

Notably, the control percentage of diabetes among patients has seen a remarkable increase, soaring from 37% in 2021 to an impressive 70% by the year 2023. Since its establishment in January 2020, the Diabeter Center, affiliated with the Al-Ahsa Health Cluster, has garnered global recognition for its outstanding results. These achievements include a 100% improvement in blood sugar levels and the quality of life for patients, accompanied by a doubling of beneficiary satisfaction rates. Furthermore, the center has achieved a noteworthy reduction in the hospitalization rate for children to a mere 1%, well below the global average of 8%. This success can be attributed to the exemplary work of a highly competent national medical team comprising no more than 14 individuals.

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