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  • Ahmed Saleh

Heritage Commission initiates "Scientific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage" to discuss research projects and unique features

Jeddah, January 15, 2024, The Heritage Commission has commenced the "Scientific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage" to discuss research projects and highlight the distinctive features of underwater cultural heritage. The conference brings together researchers, experts, and enthusiasts in archaeology and heritage from 14 countries.

Dr. Jasser Al-Harbash, the CEO of the Heritage Commission of the Ministry of Culture, emphasized the commission's commitment to organizing the conference, recognizing the significance of preserving underwater cultural heritage as an integral part of national culture and history. He highlighted the role of underwater cultural heritage in shaping the history of peoples and nations and its reflection of historical connections between the Kingdom and ancient civilizations.

Al-Harbash commended the efforts of experts and specialists involved in underwater cultural heritage, research teams conducting archaeological surveys in the depths of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, and representatives from national and international scientific research centers and commissions. The conference serves as a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field of underwater cultural heritage, contributing to the understanding and preservation of this valuable aspect of heritage.

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