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Heritage Commission reports Al-Abla site discoveries during seventh season

Riyadh - In a groundbreaking announcement, the Heritage Commission has unveiled a series of remarkable discoveries unearthed at the Al-Abla site in the Asir region. These findings, which have come to light during the seventh season of rigorous archaeological excavation, have captivated experts and shed new light on the historical significance of this ancient site.

In a groundbreaking development, further revelations have emerged regarding the architectural elements found within residential and industrial units. These remarkable discoveries showcase the presence of gypsum-coated walls and floors, shedding new light on the intricate design and construction techniques employed in these structures. It is important to note that these findings build upon the significant progress made during the previous six seasons of exploration and excavation.

The recent findings at Al-Abla have shed light on the significance of the site as a prominent ancient mining destination in the southern region of the Kingdom. In a groundbreaking discovery, a team of scientists has unearthed water reservoirs strategically employed for the retention of rainwater beneath the architectural units at the site. In a remarkable display of ingenuity, the architects of these reservoirs devised a mechanism that involved constructing roofs in a manner that facilitated the transportation of rainwater through gypsum-lined or pottery channels. This ingenious system allowed the precious resource to be efficiently directed below the rooms, where it could be stored and utilized at a later time, as required.

In a stunning revelation, the seventh season has yielded a series of remarkable discoveries. Among them is the unearthing of oval-shaped water basins, ingeniously lined with insulating material on the inside. These basins, undoubtedly a testament to the advanced engineering skills of the ancient civilization, provide a fascinating glimpse into their sophisticated water management systems. Additionally, the excavation has brought to light the presence of pottery stoves, shedding light on the culinary practices and domestic life of our enigmatic ancestors. These findings not only deepen our understanding of the past but also underscore the remarkable ingenuity and resourcefulness of the people who once inhabited this ancient site.

During their expedition, the team made a remarkable discovery. They stumbled upon a plethora of ancient artifacts, including hammerstones, grinders, and pairs of quern stones, each exhibiting a unique size and form. Additionally, pottery shards were scattered throughout the site, alongside fragments of glazed pottery. The most intriguing finds, however, were the remnants of vessels, crafted meticulously from pottery and steatite stone. These fragments included sections of bodies, rims, and handles, providing valuable insights into the ancient craftsmanship of the era. In a stunning display of historical significance, a plethora of remarkable artifacts have been unearthed at the site, leaving archaeologists and historians alike in awe. Among the treasures that have emerged from the depths of time are delicate glass vials, intricate metal fragments, remnants of exquisite bronze vessels, as well as an assortment of rings and beads crafted from the finest ivory and precious stones. These remarkable findings provide a captivating glimpse into the lives and customs of those who once inhabited this ancient location.

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