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High-performance SUV with powerful engine, intelligent driving assistance, and durability

With a 1.6 TGDI engine, a peak power of 197 horsepower, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in the 8-second range, a composition of more than 80% high-strength steel, an intelligent driving assistance system, and flawless adaptation to seven driving scenarios, this SUV outperforms most urban SUVs in terms of performance. This is from the JAECOO 7, the company's top model. Currently on its global debut tour, this vehicle aims to get into the Eastern European market in September.

Undisputed off-roading skills

Within the family lineup, the JAECOO 7 is positioned as an urban SUV with off-roading capabilities. However, whether it be in terms of performance requirements or outside design, the JAECOO 7 offers qualities that go above and beyond its class. With this vehicle, JAECOO's philosophy of "From Classic to Beyond Classic" is clearly discernible.

The JAECOO 7, while maintaining traditional aesthetics, uses a cutting-edge design language that embodies contemporary off-roading elegance in order to appeal to urban elites who seek originality and style in their automobiles. Sharp LED headlights and a grille in the shape of a matrix decorate its sturdy, square-edged overall design, which almost flawlessly conveys raw strength. Strongness is highlighted, and layers are added to the visual depth thanks to the liberal usage of straight lines on the side. Its harsh and untamed atmosphere is further enhanced with hidden handles, off-road rims, and other detail components.

Beyond only having a beautiful design, the JAECOO 7 excels in terms of power and off-roading capability. It has a 1.6 TGDI engine with a maximum output of 290 Newton-meters of torque and 197 horsepower. Both two-wheel and all-wheel drive options are available when the drivetrain is paired with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. Its outstanding acceleration time is in the 8-second range. Additionally, JAECOO 7 has an astounding 600mm water depth, a 21° approach angle, a 29° departure angle, and a 200mm minimum ground clearance! With such impressive specifications, the JAECOO 7 has admirable breakout and crossing capabilities, undoubtedly gratifying users' urges to explore and appreciate nature.

The Intelligent Off-Roading "Honor Student"

The rise of intellect cannot be stopped. As a young off-road brand, JAECOO has a forward-thinking design strategy. JAECOO has redefined off-roading, building on the Group's two-decade-old base in vehicle manufacture, and the JAECOO 7 is a significant investigation of the direction of intelligent mobility in the future.

The sophisticated cockpit of the JAECOO 7 exudes a cutting-edge vibe thanks to its uncommon 14.8-inch sky screen, 10.25-inch all-LCD dashboard, and three-spoke flat-bottom multi-function steering wheel. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip enables even more dynamic interactions. A perfect fusion of technology and luxury is achieved by adding features like the SONY speakers, 540° panoramic imagery, and W-HUD heads-up display, giving users a full upgrade from intelligent enjoyment to intelligent driving. In conjunction with the exclusive ARDIS all-road intelligent off-roading system, the intelligent driving assistance system seamlessly adapts to seven different intelligent all-wheel-drive driving environments, including urban, desert, mountainous, water-crossing, muddy, and others. This results in an intelligent driving experience with unmatched lane-changing capabilities and the best possible travel efficiency.

intelligence, skill, and beauty... The JAECOO 7 is the "honor student" in the field of intelligent off-roading thanks to its multifarious prowess, which makes it more durable than urban SUVs and more comfortable than conventional off-roaders. In addition to demonstrating JAECOO's prowess and tenacity in the digital world, its advancements in intelligent technology and safety open up new avenues and perspectives for the mobility ecosystem of the future.

JAECOO 7 rapidly expands globally while continuously delving deeper into technological, product, and user experience dimensions. It will formally debut in Eastern Europe in September, then make its way to nations like Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Chile after that. The JAECOO brand, with its revolutionary off-roading stance, meets user needs head-on, addresses the obstacles of global markets, and explores new off-roading lifestyles alongside users through its trailblazing, adaptable, and inventive goods as JAECOO 7's global presence stabilizes.


The name JAECOO, which refers to a new off-road brand, is a combination of the German term "Jäger" with the English word "cool." Off-road and cityscape are captured in this fusion, which also exudes a sophisticated aesthetic that conveys a purpose of daring exploration and unflinching tenacity.

The group, which has over ten years of joint venture expertise, follows the brand tenet of "Originating from the Classic, Surpassing the Classic." With outstanding four-wheel-drive performance, outstanding safety features, and cutting-edge intelligent technology, JAECOO leads the new urban off-road trend. The company is unwaveringly committed to innovation and breakthroughs. It integrates the knowledge and skill of master design teams from the UK, Germany, and other nations, inheriting the DNA of exquisite luxury and creating a new benchmark for urban off-road SUVs.

In the future, JAECOO will actively push the idea of sustainable development by fusing all-road capabilities with new energy options to create an off-road performance that is more effective and ecologically friendly, giving the urban elite a more comfortable and environmentally responsible travel experience.

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