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  • Ahmed Saleh

Historic Laynah Mosque, among oldest in Northern Borders region

Rafha, March 17, 2024, Nestled in the heart of the historical Laynah village, situated within the Rafha Governorate of the Northern Borders region, stands the venerable Laynah Mosque, boasting a rich legacy as one of the oldest mosques in the area. Distinguished by its traditional architectural design, crafted from mud bricks, stones, palm fronds, and Athel wood, the mosque remains a vibrant hub of worship, hosting daily prayers.

According to Mohammed Al-Dulaim, a passionate historian from Laynah, the mosque traces its origins back to approximately 1370 AH, when Sheikh Abdullah bin Dulaim petitioned Prince Abdulaziz bin Musaid bin Jiluwi, then governor of the Hail region, to designate a site for the mosque outside the palace grounds. Laynah was part of the Hail region during that era. Construction commenced on a 600-square-meter plot, employing mud and stone, with the addition of a well named "Al-Baitha," providing worshippers with water for ablution and consumption.

Constructed in the traditional Najdi architectural style, the mosque boasts striking columns, embedded Quran shelves within its walls, and exquisite lantern fixtures. With a capacity to accommodate over 200 worshippers, the Laynah Mosque stands as a testament to the region's cultural and religious heritage.

The historical significance of this esteemed landmark extends beyond its architectural beauty. Situated adjacent to the old market to the north, established in 1352 AH, the Laynah Mosque holds a pivotal position within the community. This historic market, one of the oldest in the Northern Borders region, once served as the Kingdom's premier commercial hub during the mid-20th century. Spanning an area of 5,000 square meters and housing approximately 80 commercial establishments, the market embodies a cherished legacy, rich with tales of desert caravans, intrepid travelers, and vibrant cultural exchanges.

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