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  • Ahmed Saleh

HONGQI unveils HS3, catering to Middle East's young luxury SUV preferences

China's luxury automotive brand, HONGQI, is set to introduce its latest C-Class SUV, the HONGQI HS3, tailored to the preferences of young consumers in the Middle East. The HS3 is characterized by its striking design, with a focus on a youthful, dynamic, and intricately detailed profile.

The front face of the HONGQI HS3 features the iconic "Flying Wings" design, integrating headlights within the wing-like structure, creating a visually impactful impression. The chrome-trimmed grille with a mesh structure adds to the overall texture of the vehicle. The brand logo seamlessly integrates with the grille, and split-type headlights on both sides enhance the attention-grabbing front design. Moving to the rear, the split-type taillights, resembling unfolded wings when illuminated, contribute to the HS3's distinctive appearance.

The overall body lines and proportions of the HONGQI HS3 are compact and rounded, creating a more youthful vibe. The streamlined side profile, along with the visual treatment of being lower in the front and higher in the back, imparts a sense of speed. Inside, the HS3 incorporates a sports atmosphere into the classic symmetrical layout of the HONGQI brand. The bucket-shaped seats provide drivers with a sense of envelopment, ensuring a comfortable driving experience. Dynamic lines on the seats combine functionality with a sporty aesthetic, and the color-matching design adds vitality to the overall sporty ambiance. The 253-color ambient lights contribute to a youthful interior atmosphere.

The HONGQI HS3 made its Middle East debut at the Riyadh Auto Show in December 2023, generating significant attention from media participants. Pre-sales and the official launch in the Middle East market are expected to commence in the first quarter of 2024. The HS3 aims to capture the hearts of young users in the region with its sincere SUV design.

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