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  • Ahmed Saleh

Hurra Al-Hurra Reserve: Leading protected area in Saudi Arabia, Northern Border, Al-Jawf

Turaif, December 26, 2023, Hurra Al-Hurra Reserve stands as one of the pioneering protected areas within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, situated in the Northern Border and Al-Jawf regions. Nestled within the confines of the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Royal Reserve in the northwest of the Kingdom, this sanctuary encompasses an expansive 13,775 square kilometers.

Distinguished by a captivating volcanic plateau adorned with striking black basalt rocks, the Hurra Al-Hurra Reserve boasts a distinctive topography featuring a series of low volcanic mountains, elevating from 800 to 1,150 meters above sea level.

The landscape of Hurra Al-Hurra and its environs is characterized by a diverse array of geographical features, including depressions, watersheds, valleys, and an abundance of springs dispersed throughout the region. This varied terrain creates a unique and captivating environment.

Among the reserve's notable features is its rich and varied plant life. The area is adorned with a diverse range of perennial and annual plant species that flourish along streams and their banks. Tamarisk and lycium trees grace the landscape, alongside shrubs such as achilleas and artemisia, as well as annual herbs like lavender, contributing to the vibrant botanical tapestry of the reserve.

Hurra Al-Hurra Reserve is not only a haven for plant life but also serves as a habitat for diverse wildlife. The sanctuary is home to Arabian goitered gazelles, mountain gazelles, wolves, Arabian foxes, sand foxes, Arabian hares, and a plethora of endemic and migratory bird species. This thriving ecosystem underscores the importance of preserving and protecting such natural reserves, not only for their intrinsic ecological value but also for the enjoyment and appreciation of future generations.

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