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  • Sheryll Mericido

Hurricane Daniel in Libya causes massive devastation, urgent assistance needed

Riyadh, September 14, 2023, In response to Hurricane Daniel in Libya, which claimed the lives of more than 5,300 people, left over 11,000 people unaccounted for, and resulted in severe material losses, the General Secretariat of the Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization (ARCO) has called for assistance and the provision of humanitarian necessities. The Secretariat issued an urgent appeal for humanitarian relief yesterday, stating that the Libyans affected by this catastrophe urgently require assistance to lessen their suffering and improve their circumstances. It requests urgent assistance from all organizations and groups to meet the humanitarian needs in Libya as a result of the hurricane, which also left 20,000 people homeless, 7,000 families trapped, and significant damage to schools, hospitals, and infrastructure, including a loss of electricity and communications. The Secretariat estimates that a first response to the disaster will require 7,914,300 USD to cover the requirements of 11,000 households, including shelter services, food, water, and sanitization, safety gear, and medical aid.

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