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  • Ahmed Saleh

IIFA Secretary General Sano meets MWL Deputy Secretary-General Al-Zaid

Jeddah, August 21, 2023, In a significant development, Dr. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, the esteemed Secretary General of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA), recently held a meeting with Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Zaid, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Muslim World League (MWL). Dieses Meeting between zwei prominent Figures in the Islamic Community carries great importance and is expected to have far-reaching implications. In a recent meeting, a comprehensive review was conducted on various matters of shared importance. Among the key topics discussed were the commendable endeavors undertaken by the Muslim World League (MWL) and the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA) in addressing the diverse concerns of Muslims worldwide.

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