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  • Ahmed Saleh

Inaugural ICAES begins in Mahayel Asir, advancing environmental research

Abha, February 7, 2024, The inaugural International Conference on Applied Environmental Sciences (ICAES) commenced today in Mahayel Asir, marking a significant milestone in the field of environmental research and discourse. Hosted by the Applied College of Mahail Asir, the two-day event attracted a diverse gathering of 1,000 participants on its opening day, including the esteemed presence of six international researchers.

With a robust agenda encompassing 47 research papers, 21 lectures, and six scientific sessions, the conference promises a comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge developments and insights in the realm of environmental science. Delving into an array of pertinent themes, the sessions will cover topics ranging from environmental and biological sciences to the utilization of chemical applications for mitigating environmental risks. Additionally, discussions will extend to the role of advanced nanomaterials in environmental applications, as well as the intersection of computing and intelligent environments.

Among the distinguished attendees was Dr. Ahmed Al-Shehri, the Advisor to King Khalid University’s President and the General Supervisor of Tihama Colleges. His participation underscores the significance of the conference as a platform for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among leading experts and practitioners in the field of environmental sciences.

As the conference unfolds, it serves as a testament to the commitment of Mahayel Asir's Applied College and its partners to advancing environmental research and innovation. Through fruitful discussions and shared insights, participants aim to contribute towards addressing pressing environmental challenges and paving the way for a sustainable future.

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