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  • Ahmed Saleh

Absher platform processed over 12 million transactions in Q1 2023

Riyadh, August 08, 2023, During the initial six months of 2023, the esteemed ," under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior, facilitated an impressive tally of more than 12 million electronic transactions. This commendable feat was accomplished by providing an extensive repertoire of 350 electronic services to esteemed individuals, encompassing citizens, residents, and visitors alike.

The Ministerial Agency of Civil Affairs has facilitated the provision of e-services through its platform, encompassing the issuance of a substantial number of 49,728 family registers as well as the renewal of a significant count of 216,560 national identification documents. The platform additionally executed 158,560 verifications of national ID validity, along with 46,397 verifications of family identifications. Furthermore, a total of 81,965 individuals were recipients of the Byanati service, which was developed by the platform.

The total number of replacements for damaged national identification cards amounted to 46,663, while the replacements for lost cards reached a total of 164,997.

In relation to the services provided by the esteemed General Directorate of Passports, it is noteworthy to mention that a substantial number of e-passports, amounting to 631,624, were issued or renewed. Additionally, a significant figure of 3,524,191 residence permits were also issued or renewed. These statistics highlight the considerable efforts undertaken by the aforementioned authority in facilitating and managing the documentation needs of individuals. The total number of exit and re-entry visa extensions conducted was recorded as 268,407, while the issuance of such visas reached a substantial figure of 2,277,054. The aggregate number of service transfers amounted to 54,501, whereas the count of requests for resident reports reached a substantial figure of 177,151. Furthermore, the cancellation of final exit visas was recorded at a noteworthy quantity of 82,320. A total of 10,970 authorizations were granted for the purpose of accommodating female workers upon their arrival for employment. Additionally, a significant number of 428,078 operations were carried out to facilitate the issuance or renewal of passports specifically for individuals under the age of ten.

In the realm of the General Department of Traffic Services, it is worth noting that the esteemed Absher platform has played a pivotal role in expediting a substantial number of administrative processes. Specifically, it has successfully facilitated a staggering 605,348 vehicle license renewals and an impressive 383,311 driving license renewals. The system adeptly facilitated the issuance of 490,868 permits for vehicle repairs, meticulously processed 467,135 requests for driving authorizations, and effectively managed 531,264 cancellations pertaining to the utilization of vehicles that were either damaged or abandoned. Furthermore, the platform facilitated a substantial number of 85,787 transactions pertaining to the sale of vehicles. Additionally, it efficiently executed 28,663 operations in the realm of public inquiries regarding the validity of vehicle insurance. Moreover, the platform effectively processed a noteworthy total of 98,144 requests for the replacement of license plates. In the aforementioned time frame, the platform successfully handled a total of 996,029 postal delivery requests. Additionally, it efficiently managed 40,814 public inquiries for fingerprint enrollment while simultaneously issuing 40,898 reports through the Query Absher Reports Service.

In the interim, the Absher Business platform has successfully issued a total of 222 permits for rock-cutting activities, conducted 475 meticulous digital identity verifications, and granted a substantial number of 19,649 clearances for air rifles. Furthermore, the platform has granted a total of 25,131 driving authorizations to visiting individuals while also issuing 51,721 vehicle repair permits for various establishments.

The Absher platform has recently incorporated a total of 16 novel services into its repertoire. These additions encompass a diverse range of functionalities, such as the facilitation of accident objection and waiver procedures, the seamless transfer of weapon ownership, the expeditious issuance of driving licenses, and the provision of comprehensive motorcycle-related services. The platform has also introduced novel services, encompassing the facilitation of roadwork permits, the provision of criminal record reports, the replacement of damaged national identification cards, and the issuance of identification cards for family members.

The services that have been initiated encompass the transportation of national identity cards that have been issued for the inaugural occasion, the activation of said identification documents, and the utilization of contemporary technology to facilitate the uploading of photographs during the process of national ID renewal and the Byanati services. During the recent Eid Al-Adha, the platform successfully executed over 600,000 electronic transactions, encompassing a wide array of services offered by both the Absher Individual and Absher Business platforms.

The Absher platform serves as a manifestation of the Ministry of Interior's commitment to the Kingdom's ongoing digital transformation endeavor. It encompasses a wide array of comprehensive digital services offered by various sectors within the ministry. The platform utilizes cutting-edge technologies and advancements to facilitate a distinctive customer experience, enhance the caliber of services rendered, uphold an elevated level of customer contentment, and offer a comprehensive suite of online services.

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