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Saudi Falcon Club announces 3rd International Auction for Falcon Breeding Farms

Riyadh, August 04, 2023, The esteemed Saudi Falcon Club has made a notable proclamation regarding the forthcoming occurrence of the 3rd iteration of its esteemed International Auction for Falcon Breeding Farms. This highly anticipated event is set to transpire at the esteemed Riyadh Convention Center, situated in the esteemed locale of Malham, which lies to the north of the esteemed city of Riyadh. It is of utmost importance to note that this auspicious occasion is slated to commence tomorrow. The aforementioned occasion shall encompass a duration of precisely 21 consecutive solar cycles, commencing on the fifth day of the eighth month and culminating on the twenty-fifth day thereof.

Auction participants hailing from 14 nations renowned for their expertise in falcon breeding converge to curate a distinguished assortment of avian specimens, sourced from various global locales. This particular occasion represents the most expansive gathering of its nature within the vicinity, diligently safeguarding and augmenting the legacy and customs of falconry on a domestic scale. It concurrently provides backing to breeding establishments, thereby fortifying the Kingdom's esteemed position as an international epicenter for both falcons and those who practice the art of falconry.

The auction orchestrated by the esteemed Saudi Falcon Club is driven by a profound aspiration to cultivate a steadfast and secure marketplace for both falconers and the esteemed individuals who breed these majestic creatures. This endeavor is in accordance with the club's overarching objective of spearheading advancements in the realm of falconry, encompassing the areas of breeding, production, and meticulous care. Furthermore, it fulfills the dual role of enhancing cultural and economic vitality while simultaneously serving as a catalyst for raising consciousness regarding environmental issues.

The International Auction for Falcon Breeding Farms, in its preceding two iterations, has achieved a commendable feat by amassing a grand total of sales surpassing 10 million Riyals. This impressive financial milestone was accomplished through the successful transaction of over 800 falcons, attracting the participation of approximately 25 esteemed production farms that are at the forefront of this industry. Evidently, the auction in question has garnered considerable attention due to the unprecedented achievement of selling the Qarmousha "Gear" falcon, renowned for its Ultra White lineage, at an exorbitant price of 1,750,000 Riyals. This remarkable transaction has set a new benchmark in the realm of avian commerce, solidifying the falcon's status as the most expensive specimen ever sold worldwide. It is worth noting that this particular falcon hails from the esteemed "Pacific Northwest" farm located within the borders of the United States. The dimensions of the object in question are precisely 16.50 inches in both width and length, with a weight of 980 grams.

The commencement of the auction aligns with the contemporaneous inauguration of six novel segments within the esteemed Al-Melwah contest at the King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival, exclusively dedicated to falcons procured by falconers through the global auction. The festival, slated to commence on November 28 and conclude on December 14, will facilitate the inclusion of falcons procured through auction in the entirety of the Al-Melwah competition's various stages. The club's decision to undertake this endeavor is a direct consequence of the remarkable accomplishments attained by these falcons in the esteemed Al-Melwah "Da'w" tournaments.

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