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  • Sheryll Mericido

International Falconry Conference, themed on falconry sustainability, concludes successfully

Riyadh, October 10, 2023, The International Falconry Conference, held alongside the fifth Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition under the theme "Together for the Sustainability of Falconry," has come to a close. This significant gathering drew experts, specialists, and falconry enthusiasts from both the Kingdom and abroad.

The conference culminated in a series of recommendations aimed at the preservation of falcons and the promotion of this cultural heritage. These suggestions encompassed initiatives such as educating communities about falconry, passing down its traditions to future generations, advocating for the establishment of centers dedicated to falcon care and breeding, and supporting research into both infectious and non-infectious factors that may impact falcons.

Given the Kingdom's role as a key migration route for falcons and other birds traveling between Eurasia and Africa, preserving falcon populations within its borders takes on global significance, contributing to the broader conservation of biodiversity.

In a concluding note, the conference called for international collaboration to protect falcons from electrocution and emphasized the importance of using antibiotics on falcons only with proper diagnosis and authorization.

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