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  • Ahmed Saleh

International Honey Festival concludes in Al-Baha region

Al-Baha, August 17, 2023, The 15th edition of the highly anticipated International Honey Festival came to a successful close yesterday in the enchanting Al-Baha region. In a remarkable showcase of the global beekeeping industry, a gathering of 120 beekeepers hailing from Saudi Arabia and beyond has captivated audiences with an impressive array of bee products. The exhibition, which featured an astonishing selection of over 30 distinct varieties of honey, served as a testament to the diverse and thriving world of apiculture. In a recent statement, Fahd Al-Zahrani, the Director-General of the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture's branch in the Al-Baha region, highlighted the diverse range of activities that took place during the 15th International Honey Festival. Notably, the festival played host to the esteemed 16th International Conference of the Asian Apicultural Association, which spanned from August 7 to 9. This conference served as a platform for 40 countries to present their technical papers on various aspects of beekeeping and the bee industry.

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