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  • Ahmed Saleh

Buraydah Dates Carnival showcases international media, auctions, and enchanting atmosphere in Dates.

Buraydah, August 09, 2023, Experience the mesmerizing allure of the Buraydah Dates Carnival, where international media entities, channels, and platforms converge to capture the vibrant tapestry of sales and purchases in the market. Witness the captivating spectacle of auctions, infused with spontaneity, simplicity, and an irresistible charm that beckons customers. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Dates City, spanning over an expansive 150,000 square meters. Experience the magic of the carnival and indulge in the exquisite Buraydah dates! Thanks to extensive coverage in the international media, these delightful festivities and delectable treats have gained global recognition. As a result, Saudi Arabia's date exports soared to new heights in 2022, reaching an impressive SAR1.28 billion. This represents a remarkable 5.4% increase from the previous year and an astounding 121% surge since 2016, when the value stood at SAR579 million. The momentum continued into the first quarter of 2023, with exports surpassing SAR566 million, a remarkable 2.5% growth compared to the same period in 2022. These sumptuous dates have found their way to 116 countries, captivating taste buds around the world. Join the celebration and savor the finest dates from Buraydah!

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