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  • Sheryll Mericido

International students accepted for Sharia and economics bachelor's degree

Madinah, August 31, 2023, Applications for the bachelor's degree in Sharia and economics for international students living outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be accepted starting today and will be accepted through September 28. The Islamic University of Madinah made this announcement yesterday. The institution advised people considering applying to review the prerequisites and requirements for enrollment in the two programs through the university's online admissions portal. The applicant must meet certain requirements, such as being non-Saudi and not residing in the Kingdom, possessing a recognized scientific degree equivalent to the second secondary certificate, and passing an Arabic language test. Before the two programs' respective start dates of January 28, 2024, the initial nomination of applicants will be made public. The Islamic University's online programs in sharia and economics feature synchronized lectures that are delivered live through the university's online platform, as well as non-synchronized lectures like recorded lectures, educational contact hours, and the use of university resources like its educational systems, scientific content, and digital library. The curriculum takes four to six years to complete, and upon completion of all program requirements, graduates are awarded a bachelor's degree.

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