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  • Ahmed Saleh

Jazan Region patrols foiled khat smuggler's attempt

Jazan, August 16, 2023, In a recent operation, vigilant land patrols in the Jazan Region successfully foiled an audacious attempt to smuggle a significant quantity of khat. The authorities intercepted a staggering 110 kilograms of the illicit substance, effectively putting an end to the illicit activity. The seized narcotics have been transferred to the appropriate authorities, and initial legal formalities have been concluded. In an effort to combat the ongoing issue of drug smuggling and trafficking, security agencies have issued a public call for assistance. Residents of Makkah, Riyadh, and the Eastern regions are urged to report any relevant information by dialing 911, while those residing in other regions of the Kingdom are advised to contact 999. This initiative aims to encourage citizens to actively participate in the fight against illegal drug activities, ensuring the safety and well-being of the nation. In addition to the aforementioned measures, individuals may also reach out to the esteemed General Directorate of Narcotics Control via two convenient channels. Firstly, they can dial the hotline number 995, which ensures prompt and direct communication with the authorities. Alternatively, individuals may choose to utilize the electronic medium by sending an email to [email protected]. These avenues serve as reliable means for citizens to engage with the General Directorate of Narcotics Control and seek assistance or report any pertinent concerns. Strict confidentiality will be maintained for all reports.

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