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  • Ahmed Saleh

Jazz program in Historic Jeddah (Jan 25-27) revives classical music

Jeddah, January 25, 2024, The Historic Jeddah District is currently playing host to the 'Jazz' program as a prominent component of the annual 'Balad Al-Fan' initiative. Spanning from January 25 to 27 and organized under the watchful eye of the Historic Jeddah Program, this event is designed to breathe new life into classical music.

Jazz evenings in Jeddah promise an unparalleled cultural experience, featuring musical performances that skillfully blend both traditional and contemporary artistic expressions. These events, particularly the Jazz performances, contribute significantly to enriching the cultural landscape of the Kingdom and draw attention to the historical Jeddah district. By presenting a diverse array of art forms and initiatives, such cultural gatherings play a pivotal role in supporting the arts, fostering creativity within Saudi Arabia, and elevating the overall visitor experience.

The Jazz performances in Jeddah serve as a testament to the seamless fusion of cultures and the fluid transition between different musical scales. Notably, these performances incorporate the renowned Hijazi maqam (melody) into meticulously curated musical pieces for the concert.

The repertoire of Jeddah's jazz program spans a spectrum of cultures and musical styles, encompassing French, Spanish, Latin, American, English, and Oriental influences. These thoughtfully crafted musical pieces serve as a reflection of the cultural diversity and universal appeal of music, illustrating its capacity to transcend geographical boundaries and foster cultural integration.

In essence, the Jeddah jazz program aspires to underscore the cultural bridge between the Kingdom's intangible heritage and the global legacy of music, providing a platform for the harmonious convergence of diverse musical traditions.

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