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  • Ahmed Saleh

Jeddah Book Fair 2023 concludes with 1,000+ publishers across 400 pavilions

Jeddah, December 16, 2023, The Jeddah Book Fair 2023, hosted at the Jeddah Superdome and featuring the participation of over 1,000 local, Arab, and international publishing houses across 400 pavilions, concluded this evening under the auspices of The Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission (LPTC). The theme of the fair, "Harbors of Culture," encapsulated the diverse literary offerings and cultural exchange that unfolded during the event.

Dr. Mohammed Hassan Alwan, the CEO of the LPTC, extended his gratitude to the Saudi leadership for their steadfast support of the cultural sector. He also commended the guidance and oversight provided by the Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan. Notably, the Jeddah Book Fair marked the fourth book fair in the Kingdom and served as the final installment within the "Book Fairs" initiative for the year.

Over the span of the past 10 days, the Jeddah Book Fair curated a comprehensive and immersive knowledge journey through a rich cultural program featuring more than 80 events. The event not only provided a platform for the exchange of literary works but also fostered a dynamic environment for cultural dialogue and exploration. The success of the fair underscores the commitment of Saudi Arabia to nurturing and celebrating its vibrant literary and cultural landscape.

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