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Jeddah Islamic Port Processes Record-breaking Volume in 30 Days

Riyadh, August 23, 2023, Jeddah Islamic Port Achieves Remarkable Milestone with Record-breaking Volume Processed in July In a remarkable feat of operational prowess, Jeddah Islamic Port has shattered all previous records by processing an unprecedented volume of cargo within a 30-day period. The port, renowned for its efficiency and strategic location, successfully handled a staggering 491,197 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) during the month of July. This extraordinary achievement firmly establishes Jeddah Islamic Port as a global leader in maritime trade and logistics. The port's state-of-the-art facilities and unwavering commitment to excellence have played a pivotal role in this momentous accomplishment. The significance of this milestone cannot be overstated, as it underscores the port's ability to handle immense cargo volumes while maintaining optimal efficiency. Jeddah Islamic Port's exceptional performance during July has undoubtedly positioned it as a key player in the global shipping industry. The record-breaking volume processed at Jeddah Islamic Port is a testament to the port's unwavering dedication to meeting the demands of international trade. By seamlessly managing such an immense influx of cargo, the port has demonstrated its ability to In a remarkable achievement, the latest milestone has surpassed the previous record of 473,676 TEUs that was set in June of this year. This continues a trend that has been observed since last year, when the Kingdom's busiest port has consistently experienced growth in container traffic. Notably, the port witnessed a record-breaking 4,960,120 TEUs passing through its gates last year, representing a modest 1.57% increase compared to the previous year's figure of 4,883,627 TEUs. The Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) has set its sights on achieving two crucial goals to advance its strategic objectives. First, it aims to secure a significant 45% share of the transshipment market in the region. Second, Mawani is determined to establish an annual capacity of 40 million TEUs across the entire sector. These ambitious targets are key milestones in Mawani's pursuit of its long-term vision. The recent figures from Jeddah Islamic Port highlight its rapid rise as a leading trade hub connecting the East and West. With its exceptional maritime facilities and comprehensive logistics services, the port is making a name for itself on the global stage.

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