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  • Ahmed Saleh

Jordan warns of peril from potential Israeli military operation in Rafah

Amman, February 10, 2024, The Jordanian government issued a stark warning regarding the potential peril posed by the Israeli occupation army's potential military operation in the city of Rafah, located in the southern Gaza Strip. Rafah is home to a significant population of Palestinians who have sought refuge there amidst the ongoing Israeli aggression.

Ambassador Sufyan Al-Qudah, spokesperson for the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reaffirmed Jordan's unequivocal rejection of any attempts to displace Palestinians, either within their homeland or beyond. He emphasized the urgent necessity to halt the war in the Gaza Strip and secure an immediate ceasefire that prioritizes the protection of civilians, their safe return to their homes, and the unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid to all parts of the strip.

Al-Qudah implored the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and take decisive action to prevent Israel from perpetuating its devastating military campaign, which has precipitated an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Additionally, he called upon the UN Security Council to promptly fulfill its obligations by intervening to avert a potentially catastrophic escalation and enforce an immediate ceasefire.

The Jordanian government's statement underscores the gravity of the situation in Rafah and the wider Gaza Strip, emphasizing the urgent need for concerted international efforts to alleviate the suffering of civilians and bring an end to the cycle of violence and displacement.

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