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  • Ahmed Saleh

JTTX 12th edition starts in Jeddah, spanning three days

Jeddah, January 29, 2024, The 12th edition of the Jeddah International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (JTTX) kicked off on Sunday in Jeddah, spanning three days of activities. With participation from over 200 local and international entities representing various sectors such as travel, tourism, airlines, hotels, and resorts, the event is hosted at the Jeddah Superdome.

The primary objective of the exhibition is to serve as a regional and international platform for the travel and tourism market. It seeks to facilitate collaborations, foster discussions on enhancing both domestic and international tourism, and establish connections between foreign tourism businesses and countries engaged in new tourism investment projects.

The initiative aligns with the goals outlined in Saudi Vision 2030, with a strategic focus on diversifying national income resources through tourism. The exhibition aims to contribute to the support of both domestic and international tourism, emphasizing its role as a catalyst for economic growth.

The launch of JTTX provides exhibitors with an opportunity to maintain existing partnerships, forge new collaborations, and attract potential customers by leveraging diverse professional marketing tools. The event is distinguished by its ability to discern the needs and objectives of the Saudi market, establish new partnerships, create a customer database in the travel market, and engage with senior executives and influential decision-makers in the field.

Beyond fostering direct communication with customers, the exhibition plays a crucial role in promoting the activities of companies and institutions in the travel and tourism industry. This, in turn, contributes to elevating the Kingdom's position as a prominent global tourist destination.

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