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  • Ahmed Saleh

Justice Minister emphasizes judges' role in impartially applying law and evidence

Riyadh, January 17, 2024, Justice Minister Walid Al-Samaani convened a meeting with the presidents of labor courts where he underscored the crucial role played by judges in ascertaining facts and impartially applying the law, including adherence to the principles of the law of evidence. During the meeting, Minister Al-Samaani extended his appreciation to the Saudi leadership for its unwavering support of the justice system, resulting in significant advancements in both procedural and substantive legal dimensions.

The Ministry of Justice reported that Minister Al-Samaani emphasized the diverse responsibilities entrusted to the court presidents. These responsibilities encompass overseeing court operations, providing constructive suggestions for enhancement, addressing complaints, and conducting regular evaluations to ensure the continuous improvement of the justice system.

Furthermore, Minister Al-Samaani took the opportunity to assess the performance of labor courts, noting that the average time for resolving labor disputes stands at an impressive 20 days. He commended the labor judiciary for its efficiency in swiftly and with integrity resolving cases, reflecting a commitment to delivering timely and fair outcomes in the legal process. The Minister's positive acknowledgment serves as recognition of the labor judiciary's dedication to expeditious and just resolution of disputes.

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