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KAICIID Forum: Global Needs: Reviving Conversations and Establishing Durable Platforms

The King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue organized the KAICIID Global Discussion Forum in Lisbon, Portugal from May 14-16, 2024. To start dialogues afresh and establish vibrant, secure, cordial and lasting talk zones was pursued by the facility.

The conference reiterated the need for opening lines of communication between followers of different religions and cultures to make long-term changes, as well as what roles spiritual and religious traditions can play in addressing the world's worries and concerns.

"May 21, 2024 [SPA] in Lisbon -- Following the hosting of the KAICIID Global conversation Forum from May 14–16, the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, called for a resumption of conversation and the opening of vibrant, safe, inclusive, and sustainable dialogue venues.These forums are to encourage conversations on various issues amongst the followers of different religions, religious leaders, parliamentarians, and decision-makers.The final speech of the summit that was addressed to the global elite of the followers, high and mighty, and governmental leaders, underlined the most important features of a crucial conversation that was related to the mission of KAICIID.In order to attain long-term changes in relations and institutional environments, it also stressed that religious and spiritual traditions have a crucial role in addressing the global crises of today and the significance of extensive capacity-building of partners to use dialogue techniques amongst the followers of different religions and cultures.The statement says that the KAICIID, under the leadership of Secretary-General Dr., will directly incorporate the concept of the need for dialogue into its discussions and forthcoming programmatic activity.Zuhair Al-Harthi and its board of directors. It will work closely with its network of partners to coordinate this.The statement not only conveyed the center's gratitude for the unwavering commitment of numerous partners who have contributed to its achievements over the last twelve years, but also highlighted the center's commitment to establishing partnerships as a means of enhancing and deepening its global dialogue.Speaking at the event in Lisbon, Dr. Al-Harthi noted that this was KAICIID's first global forum since its relocation.The event's goal was to foster peace via dialogue by bringing together prominent figures from a range of fields, such as politics, religion, journalism, academia, and civil society. "We are discussing the center's 10-year experience, where we feel a great interaction, demonstrating that the center is an outstanding international organization achieving effective results not only in one or two countries but across multiple continents," said Al Harthi in his talk. "We see fellowships, training, and active engagements for peace in Nigeria, the Central African Republic, Mozambique, and others." Dr. Al-Harthi continued to drive the point home on how committed KAICIID is to the cause of fostering an understanding and communication amongst people and furthering global peace through collaborative efforts and constructive collaboration.

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