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  • Ahmed Saleh

KAUST collaborates with amplifAI health for AI-based disease detection using HyplexTM

Jeddah, January 29, 2024, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has joined forces with amplifAI health, a Saudi health technology company, to develop an innovative disease-detection method combining AI technology with hyperspectral imaging technology known as HyplexTM, designed by KAUST Professor of Electrical Engineering Andrea Fratalocchi.

The collaboration's initial focus is on testing the method for detecting and managing diabetic foot complications, with plans for a clinical trial in the works, according to a KAUST press release.

The memorandum of understanding signed with amplifAI underscores the role of the KAUST Smart Health Initiative in advancing healthcare. The overarching goal is to enable early detection of diabetes, develop improved treatment protocols, and significantly reduce the need for lower limb amputations.

This collaboration represents the first application of KAUST technology to care for diabetic patients, with the potential to save the Kingdom more than SAR 2 billion annually in medical costs and contribute to lowering the 1.5 million yearly global diabetic foot amputations, thereby improving the lives of millions.

HyplexTM, developed by KAUST, has the capability to collect terabyte-sized data in just one second, surpassing the gigabyte size of current commercial cameras. This capability provides an abundance of new information for early disease detection.

Pierre Magistretti, Vice President for Research and Director of the Smart Health Initiative at KAUST, highlighted the initiative's aim to enhance the predictive capabilities of artificial intelligence in disease detection using KAUST-developed technology. The goal is to improve diagnostic processes, making them more accurate and efficient. This collaborative effort represents a significant stride toward advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technology and research.

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