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  • Sheryll Mericido

KFSH&RC achieves safer liquid biopsies for diverse patient groups, surpassing tradition

Riyadh, October 31, 2023, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) has marked a significant achievement by successfully performing liquid biopsies on patients across diverse age groups, heralding a safer alternative to traditional tissue biopsies.

What sets KFSH&RC apart is its pioneering adoption of this cutting-edge technology, making it the first healthcare institution in the Middle East to do so. This groundbreaking approach is characterized by its capability to identify around 50 genes linked to cancer and over 3,000 genetic mutations, representing a monumental stride in patient care.

The liquid biopsy method obviates the need to extract tissue from the affected region for analysis, elevating healthcare outcomes and enhancing the patient experience. It offers multiple advantages over conventional tissue biopsies. It is minimally invasive, requiring only a 10 ml blood sample, which can be repeated during treatment. It boasts high accuracy in swiftly detecting tumor biomarkers, predicting treatment responses, identifying emerging mutations, and confirming tumor absence. This represents a major breakthrough in the realm of cancer science.

Crucially, liquid biopsy technology offers a safer avenue for patients who face challenges in accessing affected tissue without resorting to surgical intervention. Cases such as lung cancer, where surgical tissue biopsy may pose significant risks, especially for elderly patients, can greatly benefit from this innovation.

KFSH&RC is actively participating as a strategic health partner in the Global Health Exhibition in Riyadh, running from October 29 to 31. At their pavilion, visitors can acquaint themselves with liquid biopsy technology and other healthcare solutions and innovations.

The promise of liquid biopsy technology extends to various stages of cancer treatment at KFSH&RC. Routine utilization of the test enables the establishment of a database of tumor-causing mutations within the local community. This not only aids in early cancer diagnosis but also tracks changes in a patient's condition during treatment, facilitating timely adjustments to treatment plans and preventing the deterioration of the condition.

As a distinguished institution in the global healthcare landscape, KFSH&RC is dedicated to harnessing advanced technologies to achieve operational excellence and enhance patient care. The liquid biopsy test expedites clinical decision-making in cancer patient management, reducing testing time and streamlining the process through full automation.

KFSH&RC continues to lead the charge in specialized healthcare, innovation, and medical research and education. Its commitment to advancing medical technologies and elevating healthcare standards on a global scale is evidenced by its collaborations with local, regional, and international organizations, with the aim of delivering world-class clinical, research, and educational services.

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