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  • Ahmed Saleh

King Abdulaziz Camel Festival concludes with 7,417 camels, 2,034 contestants

Al-Sayahid, December 29, 2023, The highly anticipated camel races, held as part of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, reached an exciting conclusion today, with an impressive participation of 7417 camels and 2034 Arab and foreign contestants in this prestigious competition.

The festival organizers meticulously arranged 65 rounds for the Al-Haqayeq Bakkar and Qaadan categories, featuring morning and afternoon sessions covering a challenging distance of 4 km. Additionally, the Al-Lagaya category saw 50 rounds of competition, spanning a distance of 5 km. Further, there were 40 rounds allocated for Bakkar and Qaadan, and 30 rounds for the Thanaya category. The festival included six marathon runs and 28 runs for the Heil and Zamoul categories.

A substantial prize awaits the winners, with the first-place finisher in each race receiving SAR120,000. The rewards are distributed in descending order, extending up to the tenth position.

The race competitions encompassed various categories, including "Rmouz rounds" for Al-Haqayeq, Al-Laqaya, Al-Jatha’a, and Al-Thanaya, as well as the "Bakkar and Qaadan" categories. The top performer in each round was honored with SAR700,000, with prizes descending to the fifth position, which received SAR75,000.

Notably, the "Rmouz Zmoul" round featured a substantial reward of SAR1.5 million for the first-place winner, while the "Rmouz Heil" rounds boasted a generous SAR3 million for the winner. Prizes were awarded in descending order, with the fifth position receiving SAR80,000. The King Abdulaziz Camel Festival once again showcased the grandeur of this traditional sport, celebrating the resilience and speed of these majestic animals.

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