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  • Ahmed Saleh

King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival 2023 achieves third Guinness World Records entry

Riyadh, December 16, 2023, The King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival 2023 has etched its name into the prestigious annals of the Guinness World Records, marking its third entry into the record books. Acknowledged as the largest falconry competition globally, the festival boasted a staggering participation of 2,654 falcons. Spanning from November 28 to December 14, 2023, the event unfolded under the auspices of the Saudi Falcons Club at its headquarters in Malham, situated north of Riyadh.

This remarkable achievement underscores the unwavering commitment of the Saudi leadership to preserve the cultural and civilizational heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In its inaugural year, the festival made history by securing a Guinness World Record with 1,723 falcons. Building on this success, in 2019, the festival repeated its triumph by engaging 2,350 falcons.

The festival attracted a distinguished assembly of falconers from the Kingdom, Gulf countries, and around the world. Over a span of 17 days, participants competed in the Al-Mazayen and Al-Milwah competitions, vying for awards that surpassed SAR 33.6 million.

In a continual endeavor to enrich the ancient tradition of falconry in the Kingdom, the Saudi Falcons Club is collaborating with the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate to organize the inaugural edition of the AlUla Falconry Cup 2023. Scheduled to take place in AlUla Governorate from December 28 to January 5, the competition boasts unprecedented financial prizes, with awards reaching up to SAR 60 million in the Al-Milwah and Al-Mazayen competitions. These substantial prizes represent the highest financial rewards ever offered in the history of falconry competitions worldwide, emphasizing the Kingdom's dedication to fostering and celebrating this integral aspect of its cultural heritage.

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