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  • Ahmed Saleh

King Salman Center sends 25th relief plane, highlighting Saudi commitment to aid

El-Arish, Egypt, December 13, 2023, In a demonstration of unwavering support, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) recently dispatched its 25th relief plane, marking another significant stride in Saudi Arabia's commitment to assisting those in need. This humanitarian initiative, conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, showcased the nation's dedication to alleviating the plight of the Palestinian people.

The aircraft, laden with essential medical supplies, included two ambulances destined for Gaza. Upon arrival, these ambulances will join the existing fleet, contributing to the critical healthcare infrastructure in the region. Notably, this latest delivery brings the total number of KSrelief's ambulances entering Gaza through the Rafah border crossing to an impressive count of 16.

Saudi Arabia's continuous efforts to provide crucial aid to the Palestinian people underscore its enduring commitment to stand by them, particularly in times of crisis. This act of solidarity not only exemplifies the nation's compassion but emphasizes its role as a key player in regional humanitarian endeavors. As the 25th relief plane touches down in Egypt, it symbolizes a beacon of hope for those facing adversity in the Palestinian territories, reinforcing Saudi Arabia's humanitarian legacy.

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