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  • Ahmed Saleh

King Saud University recognized globally in Ramadan fasting and health research

Riyadh, January 01, 2024, In a recent bibliometric study published in the "Journal of Religion and Health," King Saud University has been acknowledged as a global leader in Ramadan fasting and health research. The study, which conducted a comprehensive analysis of global publications in this field, recognized the university for its significant contributions and influence in understanding the health implications and benefits of fasting during Ramadan.

Professor Ahmed Bahammam, a prominent figure in pulmonary diseases and sleep medicine at the College of Medicine and University Medical City, was identified as the second most prolific researcher in this domain globally. His extensive work has played a crucial role in advancing the global understanding of the intersection between religious practices, such as Ramadan fasting, and health outcomes.

This recognition reflects King Saud University's commitment to conducting groundbreaking research that explores the connections between religious practices and health, providing valuable insights for millions of individuals observing Ramadan worldwide. The university's contributions contribute to a deeper understanding of the health aspects associated with fasting during this sacred month.

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