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King Saud University selects 157 accomplished students for global advanced degrees

Riyadh, August 03, 2023, King Saud University, a distinguished establishment of higher learning, has showcased its unwavering dedication to academic superiority by carefully handpicking and dispatching a group of 157 remarkably accomplished students, encompassing both males and females, to embark on their educational journey towards advanced degrees at esteemed universities across the globe. I am pleased to inform you that our school has taken part in the commendable initiative known as the New World Program (NWP). This program has been strategically aligned with the esteemed "Shanghai" Ranking, which identifies and recognizes the top 50 universities globally.

At King Saud University, our primary objective is to offer our students an exceptional program that will facilitate their intellectual growth and development. We strive to create an environment that nurtures a culture of scholarly achievement and encourages international collaboration. Yazid bin Abdulmalik Al Sheikh, our esteemed Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research and Chairman of the Standing Committee for NWP at KSU, expressed his deep pride in the outstanding academic abilities demonstrated by this distinguished group of students as they engage in scholarly endeavors at our esteemed institutions of higher education. The professor emphasized the unwavering commitment of KSU to provide steadfast support to these students, aiming to cultivate their motivation in their pursuit of scientific vocations. I would like to emphasize the significance of the NWP, also known as the National Well-Being Program, which has been implemented by our esteemed institution, KSU, or Kansas State University. This program has been meticulously crafted to cultivate and encourage the academic endeavors of our esteemed faculty members at KSU, with a special emphasis on graduate studies. The NWP places a strong emphasis on encouraging our esteemed faculty members to pursue admission into highly esteemed international universities, as determined by the prestigious Shanghai Ranking.

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