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  • Ahmed Saleh

Korean Prosecutor General Lee One-seok visits Etidal, meets Secretary-General Al-Shammari

Riyadh, December 26, 2023, The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Korea, Lee One-seok, visited the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) and met with the Center's Secretary-General, Dr. Mansour Al-Shammari.

During the meeting, the two officials discussed matters of common interest and explored potential avenues for cooperation in the field of combating extremist ideology. The Korean Prosecutor General was provided with insights into the major efforts and achievements in countering extremist propaganda, along with strategies to safeguard societies from its dangers through awareness campaigns highlighting the risks of extremist ideology. Additionally, Lee One-seok was briefed on initiatives to promote and disseminate a culture of coexistence. This visit underscores the global collaboration and exchange of expertise in the ongoing efforts to counter extremist ideologies.

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