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  • Ahmed Saleh

KSrelief continues project for health care and water in Razih, Yemen

Saada, January 01, 2024, The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has remained steadfast in its efforts to implement a project aimed at providing essential primary health care and water services to displaced individuals in Razih District, located in Saada Governorate, Yemen.

During the period from December 17 to 23, 2023, a total of 122 individuals benefited from a range of services offered by the project. These services included clinics focused on epidemic disease control, internal medicine, reproductive health, and emergency care. Additionally, the Health Education Department played a role in raising awareness about health-related issues in the community.

In parallel, three waste disposal programs were conducted as part of the initiative. Medications were distributed to 112 individuals to address their health needs, and a significant amount of 18,000 liters of potable water was pumped to the district, contributing to the improvement of water access for the displaced population.

These initiatives underscore the commitment of KSrelief to address the urgent humanitarian needs of displaced individuals in Yemen, providing them with access to vital health services and clean water. The center continues to play a crucial role in delivering assistance to vulnerable populations, especially in areas affected by conflict and displacement.

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