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  • Ahmed Saleh

KSrelief distributes food baskets in Gaza's southern Rafah region

Gaza, December 22, 2023, The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) carried out the distribution of food baskets in Rafah, located in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. This initiative was conducted in collaboration with the Palestinian Red Crescent and is part of an ongoing fundraising campaign aimed at assisting the brotherly Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The distribution of food baskets underscores the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's enduring and historical commitment to supporting Palestine across various humanitarian and relief sectors. It reflects the substantial humanitarian role played by the Kingdom through KSrelief, its dedicated humanitarian arm, in assisting brotherly and friendly countries during times of crisis.

The aid provided in Gaza exemplifies Saudi Arabia's steadfast dedication to alleviating the suffering of those in need, particularly in regions facing challenging circumstances. By extending a helping hand to the people of Palestine, the Kingdom reinforces its commitment to humanitarian values and solidarity with nations experiencing hardship.

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